My name is Giovanni Udoni, I am a professional massage therapist specialized in Ayurveda. I was born in Italy and grew up there but have lived in Berlin since 2003.

Massage methods and holistic remedies have always fascinated me, especially traditional medicine, philosophy, nutrition and various aspects of our human nature.

After visiting several Asian countries, it was on a journey through India in 2009 where I discovered Ayurveda. One year later I went back to India with the intention of deepening my knowledge on ayurvedic massages and treatments. I took part in massage classes and after that my life changed. As a result of this amazing experience my interest expanded also to ayurvedic philosophy, nutrition and herbal medicine.

In the following years I started learning more ayurvedic massages and treatments on my own. My passion for Ayurveda continued to grow until I decided definitively to become a professional ayurvedic massage therapist.

I started my education at the Ayurveda school A.I.M.A. (Indo-Italian Association for Ayurvedic massage) in Milan. After 3 years of theory and practice I attained my diploma as an Ayurveda massage therapist. I then decided to learn something more about the world of massage and I went to the school “Terramedus – Akademie für Gesundheit” in Berlin. There I learnt the practice of Swedish massage as well as various other wellness treatments.

For me a massage is not just about the manual skills, a massage encompasses empathy, compliance, contact, trust and love. Through massages I wish to transmit wellness and energy and to awaken deep feelings, perceptions and passions in human beings. For me it’s also a way of contending the daily efforts of modern times and the stressful pace of work, reminding us that life is also a good chance to contemplate the world around us. Awaken your consciousness and let your spirit come back to you through massage.


Abhyanga massage

Traditional ayurvedic full-body massage. Detoxify, regenerating, bracing and invigorating. Purify all the body tissues and stimulate the metabolism.

With sesame oil 60/75/90 Min. – 70/85/100 €

With herbal oil 60/75/90 Min. – 75/90/105 €

Dosha massage

Full-body massage with ayurvedic herbal oils. Doshas are the three ayurvedic constitutions: Vata (air and ether), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth). Discover which treatment is suitable for rebalancing your Dosha type.

60/75/90 Min. – 75/90/105 €

Marma massage

Marma = Vital! The Marma points will be intensively massaged to let the Prana (life force) flow for cleansing and to free the Nadi (body channels). Feel relief and an invigorating effect.

60 Min. – 70 €


Partial body massage (back-shoulder-neck). Free the joints (articulations), loosening the cervical and relax the paravertebral muscles.

30 Min. – 35 €


Partial body massage (arms and hands). Dissolve muscle tension, free the hand and finger joints, alleviate carpal tunnel disease.

30 Min. – 35 €


Partial body massage (head-face-neck). Stimulate the blood circulation in the head. Fight headache and insomnia. Relief tensions in the jaw and neck.

30 Min. – 35 €


Partial body massage (foot-calf-knee). Relief of aches and bulges in the feet. Relax the calf. Stimulatory effect for the whole body and for the nervous system.

With sesame oil 30 Min. – 35 €

With ghee 30 Min. – 40 €

Pinda Sweda

Herbal pouch massage. Warm cotton bags are filled with herbs, roots and seeds and used to massage. Recommended for joints and muscle aches as it encourages the lymph flow and the building of body tissues whilst improving the blood circulation and rejuvenating the skin.

60 Min. – 85 €


Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage. Stimulate the lymph flow. Encourage the natural drainage of the lymph carrying waste products away from the tissues through the blood circulation.

Full-body 60 Min. – 70 €

Partial 30 Min. – 35 €

Swedish massage

A slow, gentle, relaxing and tension relieving massage. Dissolve muscle tension and free the joints (articulations). Stimulate the metabolism, cleanse all the body tissues and improve the lymphatic flow.

60/75/90 Min. – 70/85/100 €

Aroma oil massage

Full-body massage with essential oils. Relax with plant-based essences. Skin regenerating, invigorating, refreshing or warming. Effective on body and soul! Discover the aroma for your well-being.

60/75/90 Min. – 75/90/105 €

Sports massage

Before or after the event. Relieve aching muscles. Reduce the risk of injuries to muscles, ligaments, joints and bones.

30 Min. – 35 €


If you don’t have time to come to my practice or prefer experiencing a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home, then the mobile massage service is perfect for you. I can come to your home or hotel with all of my equipment which means you don’t have to do anything – just relax!

Your benefits are:

– Relax within your own four walls

– You don’t need to travel to my practice, avoiding stressful traffic

– You save a lot of time

– You don’t need to go out in bad weather

After the massage you can chill out in your own home, you can enjoy a hot bath or fall into a sweet and restful sleep.

I can perform almost all of my treatments as a mobile service.

The price for the mobile massage service includes an additional between 30-50 € for the time and travel costs.



TEL. 0157 54695275


You can find my massage practice at Weichselplatz 8 in Berlin Neukölln.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment.